Die Lewe is 'n Grenshotel

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by Hennie Aucamp. One of the first, and perhaps the most influential, of the new Afrikaans political Kabarette ("Cabarets") developed by Aucamp, with music by Jannie Hofmeyr, ** and **.

First produced in Stellenbosch by the Drama Department?* in 19**, directed by Herman Pretorius??**.

Later, in 19**, produced by ** and directed by Janice Honeyman and - significantly - performed at the Market Theatre to enormous acclaim, starring a number of young performers who went on to become stars of the cabaret, pop and folk circuit. They include Amanda Strydom, Laurika Rauch, **, ** and Bill Curry. Later also done as an the end of year open air revue by SWAPAC in 1979?*.

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