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(“The Suitcase”) by [[André P. Brink]] (1962). One-act (tragi-comedy). Cast: mixed. Published in ''[[Die Beskermengel en ander Eenbedrywe]]'', in ''[[Bagasie]]'' both by [[Tafelberg]]; in ''[[Tema en Tegniek]]'' and ''[[Teks en Tegniek]]'' both by [[Academica]].   
#REDIRECT [[Bagasie]]
Staged by [[Libertas Teaterklub]] in April 1964, directed by [[Piet van Straaten]], with [[Marie van Heerden]] (die Vrou), [[Louis Eksteen]] (die Man), [[Annette Muller]] (die Dame), [[Dian Joubert]] (die Heer) and [[Casper Venter]] (die Klerk). This production was also staged, by invitation of the [[Bellville Amateur Theatre]], in the Bellville Community Centre in May 1964.
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