Die Hanekom Geselskap

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Die Hanekom Geselskap (“The Hanekom Company”) is one of a number of names under which the various Afrikaans companies founded by or involving Hendrik Hanekom and Mathilde Hanekom were known.

First founded as Die Afrikaanse Toneelgeselskap ("The Afrikaans Theatre Company", 1925-6; 1928-1930) (or Die Afrikaanse Toneelspelers, i.e. "The Afrikaans Players"), then briefly known as Die Hanekom-Van Zyl-Geselskap (1931).

In 1935 however they seem to have formally assumed the name Die Hanekom Geselskap (or Die Hanekoms se Geselskap i.e. “The Hanekom's Company”), to go on tour with D.C. Postma's Oom Paul till mid 1938. The performances were alternated with lighter fare (usually German farces or comedies in Afrikaans). The company started out in partnership with Elsa Fouché and Willie Beckmann, but after a few performances Fouche and Beckmann married and began their own company, to be replaced by Berdine Grünewald and Jaques Lochner. However, the Hanekom company was relatively stable and boasted a number of other loyal and competent players, such as Irma du Plessis and Tonius Ferreira.


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