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==Translations and adaptations==
==Translations and adaptations==
An English translation (''The Big Shots'') published in 1964 in ''[[The Two Lamps]]'' ed Uys Krige, Pub [[HAUM]]).
An English translation by [[Uys Krige]] , entitled ''[[The Big Shots]]''published by [[HAUM]]  in the collection ''[[The Two Lamps]]'', 1964.
== Performance history in South Africa ==
== Performance history in South Africa ==

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(Lit "The Big Canons") by Uys Krige. A comedy about the difficulties soldiers have in adjusting to post-war life.

The original text

Published in Alle paaie gaan na Rome - Eenbedrywe, (with Fuente Sagrada and Alle paaie gaan na Rome) by Unie-Volkspers, 1949.

Translations and adaptations

An English translation by Uys Krige , entitled The Big Shots, published by HAUM in the collection The Two Lamps, 1964.

Performance history in South Africa

Directed by Victor Melleney for TRUK, 1966.

Produced by the Kaapse Teatergroep in 1972.


Gosher, 1988

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