Dick Findlay

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(1928-*) Artist, Illustrator, journalist and dramatist.


Born Richard (Dick) Findlay in Pretoria, 1928. Trained as an artist, he became a prolific ornothological painter and visual artist, especially in water colour, and besides numerous exhibitions, his artworks have been displayed in numerous bird and mammal books. In addition he designed a famous series of South African postage stamps and several coins.

His images have appeared in ten books and more than 50 different periodicals. Publications include the First Folio of South African Birds (with Alan Bird, 1959), A Folio of South African Animals (1967), ,and the illustrations for a prestigious reprint of The Soul Of The Ape and The Soul Of The White Ant by Eugène N. Marais. He also did a mural for the orignal Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg.

Contribution to South African Theatre, Film, Media and Performance

The author of many articles on the arts, including theatre, he did designs for various stage productions over the years.

He wrote one Afrikaans play, Bitter Lied van die Somer (written earlier, published in 1974).

He also wrote the script for Forgotten Summer, a film based on the play and filmed in 1970 by Panorama Films in English.


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