Diary of a Madman

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Diary of a Madman by Nikolai Vasil'evich Gogol' (1809-1852). A popular one-man piece about one man's descent into insanity. Based on a short-story.

The original text

Translations and adaptations

The short story has been adapted for the stage by David Holman, Geoffrey Rush and Neil Armfield for the Belvoir St Theatre in Sydney, Australia, and this production has also been presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the United States[2] and at the Quintessence Theater Group in Philadelphia PA.

Performance history in South Africa

Often performed by actors on tour in South Africa. Memorable versions include Durban-born Peter Prowse in his adaptation in co-operation with Gerald Wilson and performed at the Old Causerie, Hotel Edward, Durban, in 1968. Stage directing, lighting and sound by John Graf.

Directed for CAPAB Drama in association with Ady Theatre Company by Karoly Pinter, starring Ron Smerczak. Music composed by Willem Nel, costumes by Katia Hornchen.

Diary of a Madman, Nikolai Gogol. (Dir) Michael Swinton, David Muller, Artscape, 2001.



Teater SA, 1(2), 1968.

Programme notes, 1988

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