David Graver

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David Graver is an American academic and attorney.

He attended Modesto High School, after which he studied at University of California, Berkeley, completing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Philosophy (1973 – 1977), before obtaining a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Cornell University in 1987.

Graver has taught drama at Loyola University of Chicago, Stanford University, Columbia University and the University of Chicago and is the author of The Aesthetics of Disturbance and numerous articles and books on twentieth-century drama and performance.

In 1997, he began a law degree at the University of Chicago and went on to become a practicing attorney.

Contribution to South Afri8can theatre, film, media and performance

He has been studying, teaching, and writing on South African drama since 1988, inter alia publishing Drama for a New South Africa (Indiana University Press, 1999).