D.F. Malherbe

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D.F. Malherbe (1881-1969) was an Afrikaans novelist, poet, playwright, translator, fiery activist for Afrikaans and first professor of Afrikaans in South Africa.

Born Daniel François Malherbe in **

Appointed the first professor of Afrikaans in South Africa at the Grey University College) in Bloemfotnein. *** A member of the Bloemfontein Onze Taal from 1910 onwards.

As playwright, he wrote a number of plays, including Koringboere (1926?*), Meester (1929?*), Die Meul Dreun (19*), Op die Trekpad (1931) **, . Translated The Merchant of Venice (As Die Koopman van Venesië, 19**),

He co-wrote Die Geheime Bloemfontein-Konferensie tussen President Kruger en Sir Alfred Milner 31 Mei-6 Junie 1899 with W.J.B. Pienaar (1938).

As an actor, he performed in some plays for the GUK Dramatic Society , including his own Meester in 1929, a production he also directed.

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Du Toit, 1988

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