Crown Matrimonial

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Crown Matrimonial (1972) is a play in two acts by English playwright Royce Ryton (1924-2009) [1], giving a serious portrayal of a living member of the Royal Family (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) on the stage. It is about the Abdication crisis of 1936. The play was Ryton's most successful work and has been performed on Broadway and the London West End.

Performance history in South Africa

1972: Crown Matrimonial was staged by PEMADS in the Ford Little Theatre, Port Elizabeth. It was directed by Noel Morgan. Trevor Hicks played Bertie, the Stuttering King.

1973: Presented by Toerien-Firth at the Intimate Theatre, Johannesburg and the Nico Malan Theatre in 1973, directed by Philip Grout. Toerien and Firth brought a London cast which included Owen Holder and Peggy Thorpe-Bates [2].


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