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(****-****). Actress. Performed in Along Came a Spider (with CAPAB), Death of a Salesman (Rep Season), The Relapse (Rep Season), The Duchess of Malfi (in 1979), The Final Sting of the Dying Wasp (in 1979). Happy Birthday (for Toerien/Firth in 1980). (SACD 1979/80) (SACD 1980/81)

(19**-) Actress and director. Studied at the University of Cape Town Drama Department. * Worked at the The Space in the 1970s, acting in The Arnold Bliss Show, The Duchess of Malfi, The Final Sting of the Dying Wasp, A Flea in her Ear, Four Twins, Patty Hearst and Rape – A Revue. ** Worked for the Market Theatre on ***, gradually taking on directing projects and becoming a resident director there. Productions incude ** Also worked for PACT, notably at the Windybrow Theatre directing** and **. Other major productions as director are **, **, Twelfth Night (Maynardville, 1998), Romeo and Juliet (Maynardville, 200*) STOPFORD, Clare. Together with Nomhle Nkonyeni, Aletta Bezuidenhout, Nandi Nyembe and Jacqui Singer she workshopped and starred in Ulovane Jive which was the opening production of the Windybrow Theatre circa 1986. She starred in Bobby Heaney’s production of Jean Genet’s The Maids at the Windybrow Theatre in 1987. She starred in Fred Abrahamse’s production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Market Theatre in 1989. She directed Lanford Wilson’s Burn This at Upstairs at the Market in 1989. She directed Ibsen’s A Doll's House at Upstairs at the Market in 1990. She directed Scenes from an Execution at the Market Theatre in 1994 for which she received the Vita Award as Director of the Year jointly with Marthinus Basson.

Quoted from the programme of Pieter Toerien's production of The Breath of Life in 2004: 'Having studied drama at UCT, Clare began her theatre career at the Space Theatre. Following a move to Johannesburg, she worked for PTP, NAPAC, PACT, Market Theatre, [[CAPAB, and SABC. A restless actress who was never happy waiting for the phone to ring, Clare initiated many projects with colleagues: Split Ends with Lynn Maree, National Madness and Scavenger's Dream with Neil McCarthy, Upfront with Lynn Maree and Bo Petersen, Out of the Blue, and her own play The Patchers. Barney Simon convinced Clare to leave acting and become the Resident Director at the Market Theatre for two years (1988-1989). Productions during this period included Lillian, Burn This, A Doll's House, [[Hanna, Hanna Ek Se^ ,and Heidi Chronicles. In 1990 Clare directed Other People's Money for Pieter Toerien. The following years saw Clare directing award-winning productions like Scenes from an Execution, Hysteria, Kafka Dances, Skylight, Cuba and his Teddy Bear and The Dead Wait. She became Associate Artistic Director at the Market from 1995-1997, after which she directed Twelfth Night for Maynardville. This was followed in 2000 with Romeo and Juliet. In 2001 Clare directed a new South African play Chasing Chairs at the Liberty Theatre. She has recently started directing for television, most notably Soul City and the new series Zero Tolerance. Clare is delighted to be directing The Breath of Life by David Hare, with Jana and Dorothy. Clare has twice won both Regional and National Vita Best Director Awards.'


Programme of Pieter Toerien's production of The Breath of Life, 2004.

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