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[[ESAT Bibliography Tra-Tz|Tucker]], 1997.
[[Percy Tucker]]. 1997. ''Just the Ticket. My 50 Years in Show Business''. Johannesburg: [[Wits University Press]].
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Charles Marowitz (1934-2014)[1] was an American critic, theatre director, and playwright.


As theatre-maker he was a collaborator of Peter Brook at the Royal Shakespeare Company and founding director of The Open Space Theatre in London.

As a critic and commentator, he regularly contributed to The New York Times, The Times (London), TheaterWeek, American Theatre and other publications, as well as being the lead critic on the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner till its demise. He co-founded of Encore magazine (published between 1954 and 1965), and co-editor of The Encore Reader: A Chronicle of the New Drama (1965).

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

In 1973 he visited South Africa to direct A Macbeth for PACT at the Alexander Theatre. It starred Molly Seftel, Siegfried Mynhardt, Billy Matthews and Ken Leach.

Many of his plays have been performed in the country, including Palach (written with Alan Burns, at The Space 1975), The Shrew (at the Chelsea Theatre, 1975), The Marowitz Hamlet (at the Grahamstown Festival by University of Stellenbosch, 2004.)



Percy Tucker. 1997. Just the Ticket. My 50 Years in Show Business. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.

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