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Performed in
Performed in
''[[The way of the World]]'' (as “Millamant” at [[Stellenbosch University]]),
''[[The Way of the World]]'' (as “Millamant” at [[Stellenbosch University]]),
''[[Vroue van Troje]]'' (as “Helena” at [[Stellenbosch University]]),  
''[[Women of Troy|Vroue van Troje]]'' (as “Helena” at [[Stellenbosch University]]),  
''[[August, August, August]]'' (with [[PACT]]).
''[[August, August, August]]'' (with [[PACT]]).

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(****-****). Actress.

Performed in The Way of the World (as “Millamant” at Stellenbosch University), Vroue van Troje (as “Helena” at Stellenbosch University), August, August, August (with PACT).


Limelight 1981/82; 1982/83

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