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''[[Catherine Howard]]'' is a French drama in five acts and eight tableaux by Alexandre Dumas , Sr. ()[].
#REDIRECT[[Catherine Howard]]
First performed in Paris at the Théâtre de la Parte Saint-Martin on 2 June, 1834, and published by Charpentier, Paris, 1834
Translated and adapted into English as a three-act historical play called ''[[Catherine Howard, or The Throne, the Tomb, and the Scaffold]]'' by William E. Suter (1811?-1882)[].
Suter's play also referred to simply as ''[[Catherine Howard]]'' sometimes.
First performed in English at the Surrey Theatre, London in 1858.
Published by De Witt in New York,
Facsimile version of the De Witt edition of the Suter English text, ''The Internet Archive''[https://archive.org/details/catherinehowardo00sute]

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