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[[F.C.L. Bosman]], 1928[http://www.dbnl.org/tekst/bosm012dram01_01/]: p. 398-.
[[F.C.L. Bosman]], 1928[http://www.dbnl.org/tekst/bosm012dram01_01/]: p. 398-413, 405, .
[[Jill Fletcher]], 1994
[[Jill Fletcher]], 1994

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Captain Hall (18**-18**) was an officer in the 73rd Regiment, stationed in Cape Town, and an active member of the Garrison Players.

He was apparently the leading figure of the 73rd Regiment's theatrical endeavours in the period 1850 to 1855, and the company is frequently referred to as Captain Hall's Company. He himself was one of their main performers in the period 1850-52.

(For the plays he appears to have been involved in, see Captain Hall's Company)


F.C.L. Bosman, 1928[1]: p. 398-413, 405, .

Jill Fletcher, 1994

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