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Cadre can refer to a political term or to the play by Omphile Molusi.

Cadre (in politics)

Technically a core group of trained or qualified people (especially military or political) appointed to organise or establish another operation or group. Used by the ANC and South African Communist Party during the struggle for independence, and later, after independence, became a term used in political and artistic expression to refer to the former "freedom fighters" or soldiers of the struggle. Occurs regularly in writings about the struggle period, and even in the post 1994 period.


SACP website[1]

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Cadre (the play)

Cadre is a play by Omphile Molusi.

Original text

Published by Junkets 2013. ISBN 9780992179120.

The story revolves around the political awakening of Gregory Modise, an ex-Apla fighter.

Cadre had its world premiere, directed by the author, at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in the United States.

Performance history in South Africa

2013: Performed at the Market Theatre, directed by Omphile Molusi starring himself as “Gregory”, Lillian Tshabalala and Sello Motloung.


Ruphin Coudyzer. 2023. Annotated list of his photographs of Market Theatre productions. (Provided by Coudyzer)

Stellenbosch University Library catalogue.

Review by John Makoni in Sunday Independent, 31 March 2013.

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