Burning Bright

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Performance history in South Africa

Burning Bright by John Steinbeck. The Reps staged a production of this play in 1962 with Israeli Albert Ninio directing Gordon Mulholland. The play's name comes from The Tyger, a poem by William Blake about the "wonder of the creation". Steinbeck, like Blake, "pondered on man's finiteness in a boundless universe and found his answer in the creative richness of love: in man's capacity for good" (according to the programme of the production of 1962). The play was described as a "modern morality play, a parable told through four symbolic characters: husband, wife, friend and intruder" (Programme 1962). The play moves through three backgrounds namely a circus, a farm and on board a ship. The cast consisted of Gordon Mulholland (Joe Saul), Simon Swindell (Friend Ed), Marijke Haakman (Mordeen) and Michael McGovern (Victor). Decor by Roy Cooke. Stage Manager: Norman Kelly-Harde. Asst. Stage Manager: Garth Scott.

Translations and adaptations


Alexander Theatre programme of January 1962, No. 156.

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