Brolloks en Bittergal

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1. Brolloks and Bittergal”) by Lizz Meiring and Hannes Muller. Pantomine based on C.J. Langenhoven’s story Brolloks en Bittergal. Cast: mixed.**

Performed in Pretoria in 1998 and at the Spier Arts Festival, 1999.


The Citizen, 7 October 1998.

2. Brolloks en Bittergal, by Derene Erasmus, produced by Marthinus Basson and students of the Stellenbosch University Drama Department, May 2004. Narrator Wilma Schoeman, with Eben Genis, Alwyn Kotze, Elsa de Bruyn, Jonathon Durant, Cherice Smith, Gerwon Simon, Sophia Wessels, Yolandé Rabé.

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