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Noun (Plural "Boere") Pronounced [ˈbuːr] in Afrikaans.

Literal meaning:

The Dutch and Afrikaans name for a farmer.

Metaphoric meaning

Besides its literal meaning, it is also used as a synonym for an Afrikaner or Afrikaans-speaking descendents of the Dutch settlers.

Later gained a more pejorative/negative connotation among opponents of the Nationalist Party, in the anti-Apartheid period and even thereafter.

Some adjectival derivatives:

Boere-oorlog (or Boer War in English), Boere Republiek ("Boer Republic"), Boerestaat ("Boer state"), Boerevolk ("Boer nation"), Boeretaal ("Boer language"), Boere-musiek ("Boer music"), Boere-orkes ("Boer orchestra"), Boerewors ("farmers sausage"), etc.


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