Blue Remembered Hills

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Blue Remembered Hills is a play by Dennis Potter (1935-1994). Although Potter only produced one play exclusively for theatrical performance, he adapted several of his television works for the stage.

Potter's work is distinctive for its use of non-naturalistic devices. Works where "the child is father to the man", in which he used adult actors to play children (Stand Up, Nigel Barton; Blue Remembered Hills) have become Potter trademarks.

The original text

The play text for Blue Remembered Hills was first published in the collection Waiting for the Boat in 1984 and has since enjoyed several successful stage performances, the first being at the 1985 International Edinburgh Festival, YMCA Theatre, August 11.

Performance history in South Africa

1986: Produced in South Africa, opening 30 April 1986, by Baxter Company '86. Directed by Don Maguire, featuring Richard Farmer (Willie), Grant Preston (Peter), John Dennison (John), Glynn Day (Donald Duck), Gordon van Rooyen (Raymond), Jennifer Steyn (Angela), Kate Edwards (Audrey). Design and lighting by Brian Collins, sound design Julian Ford.


Blue Remembered Hills theatre programme, 1986.

Barrow, Brian & Williams-Short, Yvonne 1988.

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