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He has also appeared in ''[[Da]]'', ''[[Uproar in the House]]'', ''[[Mother Courage]]'', ''[[Chase Me Comrade]]'', ''[[Showboat]]'' (1984), ''Conspiracy]]'' (1976).
He has also appeared in ''[[Uproar in the House]]'' (1968), ''[[Chase Me Comrade]]'' (1969), ''[[Shot in the Dark]]'' (1973), ''[[Conspiracy]]'' (1976), ''[[Mother Courage]]'' (1977?), ''[[Da]]'' (1979), ''[[Showboat]]'' (1984).
== Awards, etc ==
== Awards, etc ==

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SMALE, Bill (19**-). Actor.





Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Performed with NAPAC in As You Like It and Puss in Boots, with Brian Brooke Company in You Can't Take it with You and in the Academy Farce Seasons and in Shot in the Dark, Through the Looking Glass, Hamlet, Cinderella and Charley's Aunt.

He has also appeared in Uproar in the House (1968), Chase Me Comrade (1969), Shot in the Dark (1973), Conspiracy (1976), Mother Courage (1977?), Da (1979), Showboat (1984).

Awards, etc


SACD 1973; 1974.

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