Big Bad Mouse

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Big Bad Mouse by Phillip King and Falkland Cary, from an original idea by Ivan Butler. First staged in 1964 but did not become a box office hit until Jimmy Edwards and Eric Sykes took over the lead roles and toured the show across the UK between 1966 and 1967. An entire version of the show was brought out to South Africa by Toerien-Rubin circa 1969, and its cast included Cardew Robinson and Bess Finney.

Directed by Jimmy Edwards. Stage manager: Vanessa Cooke. Production manager and stage director: Nicholas Bromley. Designed by Roy Cooke. Cast - Fiona Jones: Gaby Getz Harold Hopkins: Adrian Egan Miss Spencer: Bess Finney Mr. Price Hargraves: Jimmy Edwards Mr. Bloome: Cardew Robinson Lady Chesapeake: Joan Young Doris Povey: Lyn Hooker

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