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Bennie-Boet can refer to three related works, a play, a novel and a film.

The title sometimes found as Bennie Boet

Bennie Boet: the play

Originally written especially by the Afrikaans author Sita for Benn Potgieter and his touring company, (Benn Potgieter se Geselskap), it tells the story of the traumatic relationship between an artistic boy and his dominating father.

Some sources on the play (wrongly?) cite Benn Potgieter as the author.

Bennie Boet: the novel

The tale was reworked as a youth novel by Sita and published by the Voortrekkerpers in

Bennie Boet: the film

The tale was next filmed and distributed by Carfo, directed by Kappie Botha, featuring Hendrik van der Hoven, Willem Senekal, Barbara Luyt, Helen van Pletzen and Willem Makhibela.

Released in 1967.

Translations, adaptations, sequels, etc


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