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A 2 tier (General User & Registered User) international performing arts resource set up by Derry Barbour and Sheena Barbour in 2003. It provides administrative and technical details along with Venue photos & seating/stage plans on various Companies, Educational Establishments, Festivals, Local Authorities, Quangos, Services, Suppliers, Support Organizations & Venues. The site also provides Links to other major performing arts sites. This site contains substantive and detailed information on Ireland & the UK with some information on South Africa, Malta, Cyprus, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Botswana, Zimbabwe & South America. In addition there are pages on "Lost" Theatres, Haunted Theatres, Cinema/Concert Organs and other items of general interest. Over 1,050 International Business Cards can also be found on the site. Organizations, Companies & Venues are invited to apply for a questionnaire for a free editorial entry.


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