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== Sources ==  
== Sources ==  
[[ESAT Bibliography Beu-Blo|Binge]], 1969; Bosman, 1928; [TH, JH]
[[ESAT Bibliography Bo-Bos|Bosman, F.C.L.]], 1928.
[[ESAT Bibliography Beu-Blo|Binge]], 1969; [TH, JH]
[[Stellenbosch University]] Library catalogue.
[[Stellenbosch University]] Library catalogue.

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Arnoldus Pannevis (1838-1884). Dutch-born minister and teacher at the Paarl Gymnasium, academic and leading figure in the first language struggle.


Trained in literature and a Shakespeare specialist (according to Ludwige Binge the best Holland had produced prior to 1880), he became converted and entered the ministry??**. He settled in Paarl in 1865 and, because he saw the local version of Dutch as a vehicle by means he may bring the Bible to the Afrikaans-speaking settlers and workers, sought to have Afrikaans recognized as a written language, urged the creation of a literature for it and suggested it be accepted as official language. He became the spiritual father of S.J. Du Toit and of the First Afrikaans Language Movement.**


Bosman, F.C.L., 1928.

Binge, 1969; [TH, JH]

Stellenbosch University Library catalogue.

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