Antigone (not quite/quiet)

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Antigone (not quite/quiet), subtitled Ninganiki Okungcwele Ezinjeni ("Give not unto dogs sacred things" in isiXhosa), is an adaptation or Antigone by Mark Fleishman, Jennie Reznek, Neo Muyanga, Craig Leo, Mandisa Vundla and the cast, as part of the Re-imagining Tragedy from Africa and the Global South (RETAGS) project. Fleishman describes the work as "a series of responses to the original play...[that]... engage[s] with the concept of the aftermath: the tragedy of our particular aftermath in post-1994 South Africa and the aftermath of tragedy as a form”.[] .

2019: Performed by University of Cape Town's Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies and Magnet Theatre, directed by Mark Fleishman for a short season at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio (previewed on 18 September, it played from 19 - 28 September). The cast of post graduate students and Magnet Theatre trainees, led by Jennie Reznek, included Abigail Mei, Balindile ka Ngcobo, Carlo Daniels, Jason Jacobs, Luxolo Mboso, Kanya Viljoen, Motlatji Mjamba, Sityhilelo Makupula, Sivenathi Macibela, Sive Gubangxa, Siyavuya Gqumehlo, Sizwe Lubengu and Yvonne Msebenzi.


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