All is not Gold that Glisters

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All is not Gold that Glisters is a play by Henry Chettle (c.1564–c.1606)[1] and Samuel Rowley (fl. 17th c)[2]

Title also found as All is not Gold that Glitters.

Not to be confused with All that Glitters is not Gold by Thomas Morton and J.M. Morton.

The original text

First performed in March 1600 or 1601. Not printed.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1858-1865: In this period a play called All is not Gold that Glitters, or The Factory Girl was apparently performed in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. According to F.C.L. Bosman (1980: p. 69) it was called "a beautiful pathetic play" and ascribed to "Chettle and Rowley". However, this is very doubtful, for the subtitle seems to suggest the play performed was in actual fact a play written in 1851 by Thomas Morton and J.M. Morton called All that Glitters is not Gold. This supposition is further supported by both the subtitle and the name of the one characters ( "Martha Gibbs") mentioned by Bosman (1980).


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