Afrikaanse Pers-Boekhandel (Edms) Bpk

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Afrikaanse Pers-Boekhandel (Edms) Bpk ("Afrikaans Press Booksellers (Pty) Ltd") was an Afrikaans language book publishing house.

Founded in 1947, it existed till 1962, and publishing numerous novels, academic works, dictionaries and dramas over the years.

More popularly known simply as Afrikaanse Pers Boekhandel, the business had various other, alternative, spellings for its name over the years, including: Afrikaanse Pers-boekhandel, Afrikaanse Pers-Boekhandel, Afrikaanse Pers Boekhandel and Afrikaanse persboekhandel. Abbreviated versions include Afr. Pers and Afr. Pers Boekhandel, and the company was also often referred to by its acronym A.P.B. (or APB).

The company apparently also had a special committee known as the A.P.B.-Komitee vir Skoolboeke ("A.P.B. committee for school books") that not only commissioned, and approved books for school use, but sometimes undertook the collating and editing of such texts, including collections of plays, poetry and prose for prescribed reading.

On 1 Julie 1962 the company merged with Dagbreekpers Beperk ("Daybreak press Ltd", founded 1947) to form the Afrikaanse Pers (1962) Beperk ("Afrikaans Press (1962) Ltd.")


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