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The title of a [[Festivals|festival]] of short plays,  put on by the [[Bantu People’s Theatre]] at the [[Ghandi Hall]] in Fordsburg in 1941. The programme had a strong socialist emphasis and included [[Gaur Radebe]]’s ''[[The Rude Criminal]]'' and [[I. Pinchuk]]’s ''[[Tau]]'', performed largely in Sesotho and starring [[Dan Twala]].
According to [[Loren Kruger]] (1999), the experiment does not seem to have been repeated, though [[Percy Tucker]] (1997) suggests that''' ANT''' was more than a simple festival, and that it actually constituted an own movement, which had developed out of the [[Bantu People’s Theatre]]. He says that ''[[Patriot Pie]]'' by [[Guy Routh]] was performed by '''ANT''', as well as Radebe’s play and ''[[The Word and the Act]]'' by an unknown author.
It would thus seem as if much of the history of this early radical theatre movement has disappeared. (Couzens, 1985; Kruger, 51ff, 74-5;Tucker, 1997, 15).
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