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The [[African Minstrels]] was a [[minstrels]] group active in Cape Town in ''circa'' 1862.
== The company ==
Consisting of eight men under the leadership of [[Colour Sergeant Heaven]], they are reported as having performed an [[Interlude]] during a performance of ''[[The Miller and his Men|The Miller and His Men]]'' and ''[[A Kiss in the Dark]]'' by officers and men from the [[11th Regiment]] in the [[Barracks Theatre]], Cape Town on Tuesday 2 December 1862.
Though it is tempting to assume otherwise in this case, the rank of "Colour Sergeant" does '''not''' mean that Heaven was from an [[African]] corps of some kind, it is in fact a specific rank of non-commissioned officer found in several armies[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colour_sergeant]. It is likely though that his cast of [[Minstrels]] consisted of ensigns under his care.
'''See also [[Minstrels]]'''
== Sources ==
[[F.C.L. Bosman]]. 1980. ''Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel II, 1856-1916''. Pretoria: [[J.L. van Schaik]]: pp. 167
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