Abraham Fischer

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Generally known as Bram Fischer. (1908-1975) Lawyer, political activist and amateur actor. Originally a staunch supporter of Afrikaner Nationalism, he famously switched and became a leading member of the South African Communist Party and resistance fighter, who died in prison after being sentenced for treason by Verwoerd's Apartheid government. A grandson of a prime minister of the Orange Free State and son of a judge, he studied at Grey College in Bloemfontein (where he was taught, inter alia, by Leo Marquard and Dirk J. Mostert) and the Grey University College (later the University of the Orange Free State).

His theatre experiences

While studying he was a member of the GUK Toneelvereniging ("GUK Dramatic Society") and in 1929 acted in the premiére production of Meester, written [and directed?] by the then professor of Afrikaans and Dutch, D.F. Malherbe, and co-starring Benedictus Kok and P.J. Meyer. His acting experience seemed to come out again when he made a daring escape from custody in 196* and utilized disguises to remain free for a while and continue his political activities. This included dressing as an old lady at one time. [

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