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Acronym for International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, based on the French version of the name (Association International du Theatre pour l´Enfance et la Jeunesse).

The Constitution for the association was approved by the General Assembly of ASSITEJ in Malmø, Sweden, May 24, 2011.

ASSITEJ is dedicated to artistic, cultural political and educational efforts and no decision, action or statement of the Association shall be based on nationality, political conviction, cultural identity, ethnicity, or religion. It promotes international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre in order to increase creative co-operation and to deepen mutual understanding between all persons involved in the performing arts for young audiences.

The Director of ASSITEJ SA, Yvette Hardie, has been the international

ASSITEJ South Africa

(Also written ASSITEJ SA)

The local branch works to promote international awareness of South African theatre for children and young people, through networking, organising exchanges, touring performances, and by facilitating contacts. Members are given access to a global network of information about festivals, performances, courses and seminars all over the world, with the potential to participate in these activities.

Members include: actors, musicians, dancers, directors, choreographers, theatre educators, stage designers and dramatists, as well as theatre companies, organisations and institutions, critics and cultural journalists, cultural officers, amateur drama groups, organizers, societies and other networks.

The South African branch has a number of projects, including:

The ASSITEJ Newsletter

Sent to all ASSITEJ members it contains information on all aspects of theatre for young people, nationally and internationally.


Described as an "Interactive Theatre and Education Catalogue", it is a website that allows South African schools to book shows for their pupils, and conversely is a facility to allow producing companies to arrange and produce shows at schools.


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