A.P. Herholdt

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A.P. Herholdt (fl 1870s) was a Cape Town resident, an amateur actor and playwright.


He was living in Cape Town in the 1870s, possibly a notary public or lawyer.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

According to Koch (footnote 1), Het Volksblad of 19 May 1877 mentions Heroldt as a member of the executive committee of the rederijkerskamer De Eendracht in Cape Town. He thus argues that Heroldt had probably also been a member of Aurora II.

Koch then cites Stassen (1957, p.113) who refers to Herholdt as the author of the play Broederhaat, of Het Einde van Een Booswicht (1875).


Ingmar Koch. 1997. Het ochtendgloren boven Kaapstad. Nederlandse rederijkers in Kaapstad, Tydskrif vir Nederlands & Afrikaans. (4de Jaargang, Nommer 2. Desember)[1]

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