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A French play in four acts by Pujos and J. Dabaytua.
#REDIRECT[[Éléonore de Rosalba, ou Le Confessionnal des Pénitens Noirs]]
== The original French text ==
Described as a "drame nouveau en quatre actes" ("new drama in 4 acts"), its was published by  Jean-Nicolas Barba in Paris in 1798.
== Translations and adaptations ==
The [[Dutch]] version , ''[[Eleonora van Rosalba, of De Puinhopen van Paluzzi]]'' ("Eleonora of Rosalba, or the Ruins of  Paluzzi"), translated by Johannes Kisselius and published in Amsterdam by Pieter Johannes Uylenbroek, 1799.
== Performance history in South Africa ==
1831: Performed in [[Dutch]] by [[Tot Nut en Vermaak]] on 17 July , with ''[[Het Glas Water]]'' (Guttenberg) as afterpiece.
1844: Performed  in [[Dutch]] on 2 August, by [[Hoop en Trouw en Tot Oefening en Vermaak]] in the [[Roeland Street Theatre]], with ''[[De Kalkoen van Breda]]'' as afterpiece.
1853: Performed  in [[Dutch]] on 8 September,  by  [[Door Yver Bloeit de Kunst]] in the [Bree Street Theatre]], with ''[[De Nachtmerrie, of de Vampyr]]'' (based on the German ''Das Neue Sonntagskind'' by Perinet) as afterpiece.
== Sources ==
[[F.C.L. Bosman|Bosman]], 1928: pp 243,447, 458
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