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''[['n Aand met Wena Naudé]]'' ("An evening with [[Wena Naude]]"), is a compilation programme by  [[Wena Naude]] (1905-1975).
''[['n Aand met Wena Naudé]]'' ("An evening with [[Wena Naudé]]"), is a compilation programme by  [[Wena Naude]] (1905-1978).
==The original text==
==The original text==

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'n Aand met Wena Naudé ("An evening with Wena Naudé"), is a compilation programme by Wena Naude (1905-1978).

The original text

Devised and performed by , the piece programme was made up of...

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1975: Tours of the country undertaken for NAPAC and SWAPAC in 1976, with stage manager Mavis Lilenstein.


Grütter, Wilhelm. 1987. CAPAB 25 Years. Unpublished research. p 416)

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