X. Hus

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(18**-18**) Dancer, dance and fencing master, circus performer and actor. A member of the French Dramatic Artistes who had arrived from Mauritius as part of an Italian Circus led by Mr Severo and Dalle Case in November 1847, or he may possibly have been a local Cape Town based dancing and fencing master, who joined them in 1848. (However, no other Cape Town records seem to be available to confirm this.)

In February 1848 a number of the artists broke away to form a company led by Dalle Case. Hus is listed as a dancer in a number of performances by the Dalle Case Company, often as a partner to Madame Montasus. Treble Violl (cit Bosman, 1928: p. 439) also mentions an M. Hus who was the leading dance master in this company and this period (and possibly a fencing master) - they are most probably the same person.

By March 1848 the company had to close due to financial; difficulties and Hus, and two other leading artists (C. Crosset and L. Victor) then formed Theatre de L'Union in March 1848, but by the end of September the company had disappeared. No more is heard of Mr X. Hus.


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