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Verkiesing sonder politiek! ("Election without politics!") is an Afrikaans play in four acts by Gerhard J. Beukes.

The original text

Subtitled "’n Ligte satire in drie bedrywe" ("A light satire in three acts") or in a later (1964) edition "'n Skertsstuk in drie bedrywe" ("A satire in three acts"), it satirises the Afrikaner's fascination with politics, rugby and beauty queens. Beukes was apparently inspired to write the play by NTO director P.P.B. Breytenbach.

Published in Pretoria J.L. van Schaik in 1956, reprinted 1964.

Performance history in South Africa

1955-56: First performed by National Theatre Organisation, directed by Robert Mohr, after some hesitation from the NTO board about the political nature of the play. However additional support by literary icon Eitemal finally led to a production and a successful run. The play opened on 15 April in Bloemfontein, then toured the country, playing for 279 performances. The cast consisted of Pieter Geldenhuys as Sarel Brand (replaced by Eghard van der Hoven when Geldenhuys became ill), Elsa Fouché, Reenen van Niekerk, Pieter Wilcocks, Petro van der Walt and Dalene Pretorius and directed by Robert Mohr.

1965: Staged by PACOFS from 11 to 17 February in the Bloemfontein Civic Theatre, directed by Schalk Theron, with Johan Bernard (Roelf Brand), Carmen Haddad (Letta Brand), Helene Carstens (Hester Viviers), Annatjie Vorster (Elene Brand), George Barnes (Sarel Brand) and Louw Verwey (Tol Viviers).

1984: An updated version was performed in the Bloemfontein Civic Theatre by PACOFS , directed by Schalk Jacobsz.


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