The Disguise of the Ashes that arose out of the Karnaval at Scarborough to prove that Leonardo was Right - an investigation of guilt

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A play devised by Brian Astbury and the Space Theatre Company, the text co-written by Geraldine Aron and Dermod Judge.

The original text

A play devised in protest of the banning of plays in South Africa by the Censorship Board. The play's long title contains the names of all the plays that had been banned at the Space Theatre itself, from 1972-1979 (The Guise, Ashes, Karnival, Scarborough and Leonardo was Right), and the production consisted of provocative scenes illustrating material generally available in the media in South Africa at the time (e.g. Birds of Paradise, which had been already been seen by nearly 500,000 South Africans at the time).

It appears that the point had been made, as the censors left this production alone.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1979: Performed in the Space Theatre, directed by Brian Astbury with Richard Carter, Carlos da Silva, Pippa Dyer, Nicholas Fine, Sue Hanson, Errol Hart, Derek Lyndon, Caroline Newby, Duarte Sylwain andLeslee Udwin. The stage managers were Arthur Benjamin, Faruk Hoosain and Denise Newman.


Astbury 1979.

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