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Suster Beatrys is the translation into Afrikaans of the play Sœur Béatrice. Miracle en trois actes (1901) by Belgian playwright who wrote in French, Maurice Maeterlinck.

Performance history in South Africa

Performed in Flemish by the University of Cape Town (directed by Ruth Peffers) in the Little Theatre, 23-25 October 1933.

An Afrikaans translation was produced by the Volksteater in Pretoria in March 1937, in a translation by Anna Neethling-Pohl and Anna de Villiers. It starred and was directed by Leonie Pienaar.

Presented by the Akademie vir Dramakuns in the C.S.V. Hall in Stellenbosch on 6 April 1946, directed by Suzanne van Wyk, assisted by Truida Pohl. The cast: Alida Gericke as Beatrys, Louisa Richter, Morkel van Tonder, Willie Olivier, Una Dönges.


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