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The National Research Foundation (or NRF) is an independent South African government agency, which was established in 1998 to promote and support research in all fields of knowledge.

(Known as the Nasionale Navorsingstigting (or NNS) in Afrikaans, it is most frequently referred to by its English acronym as The NRF.

The NRFwas established through the National Research Foundation Act (Act No 23 of 1998), and incorporates a number of research funding agencies in various sections of the research community. The former Centre for Science Development (CSD), the funding agency established by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) to fund research in the human sciences, including the arts, is one of these.

Much of the research on theatre and media matters in South Africa between 1970 and 1998 was undertaken with CSD funding, and after that with NRF funding has continued to support such projects.

The CSD, and later the NRF, have been - and the latter still is - responsible for compiling and maintaining a list of Current and Completed Research in economics, science and humanities (also encompassing the arts and media) by researchers in the South African government, non-government and private sectors. The list begins in the year 1919. (In this respect also see Sabinet)


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