Madam X

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A four-act play by A Beson

The original text

In the first act, she portrayed the role of Jacoline, a young woman who returns to her husband after a two-year absence and who desires forgiveness but the husband chases her away. The second act is set 20 years later. Having traveled the world, Jacoline is seen in the company of a man named Lorack who tries to blackmail her husband after discovering he was a wealthy man. To prevent this dishonorable act, Jacoline shoots the would-be blackmailer. In the third act, later in life, her son is an adult and in love with a girl. Criminals once again appear on the scene and attempt to blackmail her husband who is now a prominent judge. They attempt to con money out of him by claiming that she is very poor but he is happy to hear she is still alive. The fourth act is dramatic and deals with the trial of Madam X in Court on a charge of murder. In this act, the Public Prosecutor indicates her own son is the Advocate. The son puts up such a convincing argument on her behalf that Madam X is found not guilty and is discharged.

Performance history in South Africa

March, 1921: Staged at the Port Elizabeth Opera House. Starring: H Hersch (Louis Plariat), Sarah Sylvia (Jacoline, Madam X), I Schnidoff (Raymond), H Berman (Dr Shenel), S Rosenthal (Noel), Leah Berman (Rosa), S Rosenthal (Victor Jackey), E Stein (Victor Jackey's wife), J Perleman (Lorack), H Berman (Parsord), A Feingold (Merevill), Esther Stein (Helen), J Perlman (Prosecutor), A Feinstein (Policeman), P Blum (Judge).


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