Index to South African Researchers and Theatre, Film and Media Historians

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Theatre, film and media research: An introduction

Theatre film and media history: An introduction

An Index to South African Researchers and Theatre, Film and Media Historians

Below is a list of prominent Theatre, Film and Media Researchers and Historians on South African theatre, film and media.

See also the related listing for South African critics, commentators and reviewers in Theatre, Film and Media Criticism in South Africa.

Temple Hauptfleisch, Andrew Horn, Yvette Hutchison, Myles Holloway , Stephen Gray, * Perreira, Michael Chapman, Ian Steadman , Keyan Tomaselli, Robert Kavanagh, Guy Butler, Albert Wertheim, Loren Kruger, Anton Krueger, Marcia Blumberg, Anthony Akerman, Ludwig Binge, Hermien Dommisse, Gustav Preller, FCL Bosman, Charles Malan, Temple Hauptfleisch, Mark Gevisser, David Kerr, Dennis Walder, Miki Flockeman, Louw Odendaal, Ben de Koker, Veronica Baxter,

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