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ID is a play by Antony Sher.

The play was adapted from the book A Mouthful of Glass by Henk van Woerden, and follows the events surrounding the trial and imprisonment of the mentally unstable Demetrios Tsafendas, who in 1966 assassinated South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd.

It premiered on 4 September in London and ran till until 18 October 2003. Directed by Nancy Meckler, design by Katrina Lindsay, lighting by Johanna Town, music by Ilona Sekacz, movement by Scarlett Mackmin, sound by John Leonard. The original cast included Jon Cartwright, Jonathan Duff, Alex Ferns, Paul Herzberg, Peter Landi, Lucian Msamati, Oscar Pierce, Antony Sher as Demetrios Tsafendas, Cleo Sylvestre, Christopher Wells, Marius Weyers as Hendrik Verwoerd and Jennifer Woodburne as Betsie Verwoerd.

For other plays on this theme, see Tsafendas


Sunday Times, 21 September 2003.

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