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Eugène Terre'Blanche (1944-2010) was a policeman, poet, playwright and later political leader of the ultra right-wing Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging ("Afrikaner Resistance Movement", founded 1973). Born Eugène Ney Terre'Blanche on a farm in the Transvaal town of Ventersdorp on 31 January 1941, Terre'Blanche attended Laerskool Ventersdorp and Hoër Volkskool in Potchefstroom, matriculating in 1962. While in school, he gave early expression to his political leanings by founding the cultural organisation Jong Afrikanerharte ("Young Afrikaner Hearts"). He joinmed the police and while a policeman he founded a theatre company called Die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie Toneelgeselskap ("The South African Police Theatre Company") He also wrote some short plays, for the group. They include ** and Sybrand die Watermaker (19**), of which the latter was published in a collection (**) and prescribed for Cape Schools in 1982 and 1983. **??

When he became a polician and leader of the AWB, he mimicked Hitler and employed an actor to train him in public speaking, becoming a charismatic and emotive orator.


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