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SA As an acronym for South-Africa

SA Akademie vir Taal, Lettere en Kuns

SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns

Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns

Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns

SA Defense Force Entertainment Units

SA Drama and Theatre Heritage A Research and documentation project, UNISA

SAfm radio station

SA Fusion, Gauteng

SA Jewish Report


SAADYT Journal

SAADYT Newsletter




SABC A Service

SABC English Service




SACEE One-act Play Festivals




SACPAC Honours Awards

SACPAC Playwriting Award





SAfm radio station











SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts



SANCTA One-act Play Festival

SANCTA Community Theatre Award

SANCTA Playwriting Competition

SANTA One-act Play Festival











STET, academic journal





S'Ketsh, a journal

S'ketsh', a journal

S'ketsh' publications

Saamwerk-unie van Natalse Verenigings

Salter's Cup, The - Port Elizabeth

Sammy, The

Sand Du Plessis Theatre, Bloemfontein

Sand Du Plessis Theatre Complex, Bloemfontein

Sandown Hall, The - Johannesburg

Sandra Prinsloo Productions

Sang- en Toneelvereniging Thalia, Pretoria

Sandton Speech and Drama Centre, Johannesburg

Sanlam Prize for Afrikaans Theatre (SPAT)

Sanlam Prys vir Afrikaanse Teater (SPAT)

Sanlam Studio Theatre, Cape Town

Sans Souci Theatre, The - Cape Town

Sarafina Magazine

Sarah Sylvia Company, The.

Sasani Investments

Sasavona Publishers

Savoy Theatre, Port Elizabeth

Scaena Theatre, Bloemfontein

Scenaria magazine

Scenaria Toekenning

Scheepersprys vir Jeuglektuur

Schutte Commission, 1981

Scott's Theatre, Pietermaritzburg.


Seabrooke's Theatre, Durban

Sea-line theatre

Sechaba theatre company

Sefton Parry and Company

Selborne Hall, Johannesburg

Sentrum vir Suid-Afrikaanse Teaternavorsing (SESAT), Pretoria

Sentrum vir Teaternavorsing, Stellenbosch

Serotin Productions

Serpent Players, The - Port Elizabeth

Sestigers, Die

Shah Theatre, The - Durban

Shah Theatre Academy, The - Durban

Shakespeare Circle

Shakespeare Circle, Bloemfontein

Shakespeare in Southern Africa, journal

Shakespeare Society of South Africa

Shakespearean Festival, Port Elizabeth



Shirley Moss Award

Show Service

Show Services

Shooter and Shuter, publishers - Pietermaritzburg.

Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom, Durban

Sibikwa Arts Centre

Sibikwa Community Theatre Project

Sibikwa Theatre Company

Siegfried Mynhardt Geselskap

Siegfried Mynhardt Theatre

Simonsberg Theatre, Simonstown

Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre, Durban

Siyasanga South African Theatre Company, Cape Town

Sjambok, The - a journal

S’Ketsh, a journal

Skakelkomitee, Kaapse Skiereiland, Die - Cape Town

S'ketsh' Magazine

Skirted Issue

Skokiaan, Cape Town

Skotaville Publishers, Johannesburg

Sneddon Theatre, Durban

Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Cape Town

Society of Amateurs, The, Cape Town

Soirée Society, The - Johannesburg

Somerset East Town Hall

Somerset Oos Debatsvereniging, Somerset East

Somerset West Town Hall

Sonop Afrikaner Kring, Johannesburg

Sound Stage Supper Theatre, The, Johannesburg.


South Africa Grins

South African Academy for Science and Arts

South African Actor's Benevolent Fund

South African Actor's Equity

South African Amateur Company, The See Het Zuid Afrikaansche Tooneel Gezelschap

South African Arts Association, The (SAAA)

South African Arts Association, The South West African branch.

South African Association for Drama and Youth Theatre (SAADYT)

South African Association of Theatre Managements (SAATM)

South African Black Theatre Union (SABTU)

South African Broadcasting Corporation, (The SABC)

South African Casting Directory (SACD)

South African Centre for Information on the Arts (SACIA)

South African College, Cape Town

South African Committee of Performing Arts Councils (SACPAC)

South African Council for English Education (SACEE)

South African Cultural Observatory (SACO)

South African Defense Force Entertainment Units,

South African Domestic Workers Union (SADWU)

South African Domestic Service and Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU)

South African Festival Economic Impact Calculator

South African Film and Theatre Union (SAFTU)

South African Film Institute

South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA)

South African Guild of Actors (SAGA)

South African Guild of Speech and Drama Teachers

South African Handbook on Arts and Culture

South African History Online

South African Institute of Theatre Technology (SAITT)

South African Jewish Report

South African Journal, The

South African Journals and Newspapers An Index

South African Labour Bulletin

South African Living Theatre (SALT)

South African Music Archive Project

South African Music Education Trust (SAMET)

South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO)

South African Music Trust (SAMUT)

South African National Community Theatre Association (SANCTA)

South African Schools Festival of Drama , Grahamstown

South African Society for Speech and Drama Teachers

South African Speech Teachers' Guild

South African Student Organisation (SASO)

South African State Theatre, Pretoria

South African Theatre Journal (SATJ)

South African Theatre, Music and Dance, The

South African Theatre Organisation (SATO)

South African Theatre Union (SATU)

South African Theatrical Enterprises

South West African Performing Arts Council (SWAPAC)

Southern African Institute of Theatre Technology

Southern African Theatre Initiatives (SATI)

Soweto Ensemble, The.

Soweto Theatre, The

Soweto YMCA


Soyikwa Drama Group

Soyikwa Institute of African Theatre

Soyikwa Players

Soyikwa Theatre

Space, The

Space, The - Cape Town at Joburg Theatre

Space Frame theatre

Space Theatre, The

Space Theatre, The - Cape Town

Space Theatre Club, The - Cape Town

Speak, a journal

Speech and Drama Association of South Africa, The

Spektrum Produksies, Stellenbiosch

Spier Amphitheatre, Stellenbosch

Spier Arts Festival, Stellenbosch

Spier Arts Trust

Spier Summer Arts Festival, Stellenbosch

Spoornet State Theatre, Pretoria

Spotlight Theatre, Cape Town

Springbok Film Co.

Springbok Radio

Springbok Radio Preservation Society of South Africa

Square Space, The, Durban.

St Aloysius Hall, Cape Town

St George's Cathedral, Cape Town

St George's Park, Port Elizabeth

St George's Park Tearoom, Port Elizabeth

St George's Theatre, Pietermaritzburg

St John's Ambulance Players, Durban

St John's Street Theatre, Cape Town

St John's Theatre, Durban

St Mary’s Amateur Dramatic Society, Johannesburg.

St Patrick's Hall, Cape Town

St Stephen’s Church, Cape Town

St Stephen’s Hall, Port Elizabeth

Staatsteater, Pretoria

Stable Theatre, The - Durban

Stable Theatre Company, The - Durban

Stadskouburg, Die

Staffrider, a journal

Stage and Cinema, a magazine

Stage and Circus, a magazine

Stage Company, The

Stage Door Club, The - East London

Stal Plein Hotel, Cape Town

Standard Bank Arena, Johannesburg

Standard Bank National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

Standard Bank Young Artist Awards

Standard Theatre, Johannesburg

Standpunte, an academic journal

Star, The, Johannesburg (daily newspaper)

State Theatre, Pretoria


Stellenbosch Amateur Theatre (company)

Stellenbosch Amateur Theatre, The (venue)

Stellenbosch Farmers Wineries

Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery

Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University Drama Department

Stellenbosche Liefhebbery Toneel ("Stellenbosch Amateur Theatre") (company)

Stellenbosche Liefhebbery Tooneel, De (venue)

Stellenbossche Liefhebbery Tooneel - Stellenbosch Amateur Theatre (company)

Stephen Black Memorial Award for Playwriting

Ster Films

Ster Theatres

Stercus Produksies, Stellenbosch


Sterling Printing Company

Stern Masque Theatre, Muizenberg

Sterrewagteater, Bloemfontein

Stigting vir Afrikaans

Stigting vir Bemagting deur Afrikaans

Strewers-unie, Die

Stuart Leith Trophy, The

Studio, The

Studio, The - Cape Town

Studio, The - Durban

Studio, The - Pretoria

Suid-Afrikaan, Die- an academic journal

Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Taal, Lettere en Kuns

Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns

Suid-Afrikaanse Assosiasie vir Drama en Jeugteater (SAADYT)

Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie Toneelgeselskap

Suid-Afrikaanse Teater Studio

Suid-Afrikaanse Uitsaakorporasie (SAUK)

Suid-Afrikaanse Vereniging vir Spraak- en Drama-onderwysers

Suidwes-Afrikaanse Raad vir die Uitvoerende Kunste (SWARUK)

Sun City

Sun City Super Bowl

Super Bowl at Sun City

Sun International

Sunday Express, weekly newspaper

Sunday Times, weekly newspaper

Supastage, Gauteng

Suzanna Saal ("Suzanna Hall"), Pretoria.

Swanepoels, Die

Swiss Hotel, The

Sybil Sands Artists' Agency

Sybil Summers Agency

Syrkel Theatre Company

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